“I’ve Got Too Many Qualified Referrals, Said No One Ever!” 5/19/16

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May 19, 2016   “I’ve Got Too Many Qualified Referrals,”
Said No One Ever! by Chris Harris of Refuse Ordinary

Location Honey Butter II located in Candle Station,                                7521 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA 23127

20 minutes from Jefferson Avenue Exit to Croaker exit 231                 (yes even with construction)

We have one session beginning at 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
While this may seem too good to be true, learn how to easily turn on the referral faucet for a steady stream of non-stop referrals for your business.
In this 120-minute program, participants will learn:
• Why TRUE qualified referrals close 95% of the time
• The 4 biggest MISTAKES when developing referral pipelines
• 5 steps to FINDING, CREATING and KEEPING a referral machine
• 3 SOLID reasons why these strategies are worth your time

Registration of $99 ends May16th ($79 for V.HA Clients)                              EARLY registration of $79 ends April 28th ($59 for V.HA Clients)

Only 10 Workshop BUNDLES available for $119 if you register by MAY 16th (changed from MAY 5th) for this workshop  and the Mastering LinkedIn, 21st Century Connections on June 7th.

Click Here to Register:  https://qualifiedreferrals.eventbrite.com 

Click Here to see Flyer:  Referral Flyer

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