STAND OUT: Why Your Personal Brand Sucks and 7 secrets to fixing it October 27, 2016


Join us on October 27th   5:30 to 7:30 at EVB in Williamsburg, VA

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*Take the test and check all which are true:

ÿ     I know what a great personal brand IS and IS NOT

ÿ     I know my PERFECT FIT client

ÿ     I know what is UNIQUE and of VALUE about my business

ÿ     I know the VOICE I should use to reach my market

ÿ     I know I’m an EXPERT and so does everyone else

ÿ     I know the best ways to CONSISTANTLY get the word out

ÿ    I know being the REAL ME will make a REAL DIFFERENCE

*If you didn’t check all of them.. you might need a little help!

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